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First, I would like to thank you for taking on this journey with me!

As the title very much says it, I am new to this! But let's make this a safe place where anyone can interact. The goal with this blog is simply to share with you my experiences in the work and education field. I have received several questions throughout the months on how I achieved certain things, such as how I made it into NYU, what my exam scores were, how I wrote my college application essay, how I got certain internships and job positions, etc. Although I am nowhere near my goals and I have so many more things I want to accomplish, I do want to share my personal experiences along with some advice.

I will begin by posting biweekly on Sundays, but based on questions, I could post every week. Each post will also be part of a specific category, such as General Career, Advice for High Schoolers, Seeking a Job, and Financial Security.

Submit any question you may have!

The following questions are what I will be answering in the upcoming months. Make sure to subscribe to receive notifications on when they are posted.

General Career

  1. Networking

  2. First Impressions

  3. Work Relationships

  4. Patience is Key

  5. Is the Customer really Always Right?

Advice for High Schoolers

  1. Course Grades

  2. How to Write a College Essay

  3. SAT and ACT Scores: How Important Are They?

  4. Clubs, Activities and Community Service

  5. Managing a Healthy Schedule

Seeking a Job

  1. Personal Story

  2. How to Build a Resume

  3. Writing a Cover Letter

  4. Creating a LinkedIn Profile

  5. Reaching Out

Financial Security

  1. Budget Hacks: The 50-30-20 Rule

  2. Steps to Save More

  3. Credit Card Must-Knows


I will be ending each blog with a P.S. (Pursuit of Success). Haha, see what I did there? ;)

Yours truly,



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