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Meet Wendy Moreno

A driven and ambitious business marketing graduate from New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business, with a passion for entrepreneurship and personal growth. She has gained a wealth of experience through her various roles, including launching her own brand, managing a successful Airbnb property, and interning in the marketing and communication field. Wendy is also an innovative problem solver, as demonstrated through her involvement in a variety of research projects focused on enhancing consumer engagement. She possesses excellent skills in market research, brand strategy, social media marketing, website design, and is fluent in Spanish. Wendy is an avid traveler, blogger, and content creator, and holds certifications in Google Analytics and Google Project Management.

Pursuit Success
PS Creative Logo

Pursuit Success is a personal brand that reflects Wendy Moreno's academic experiences, career development, and personal growth journey.  Previously a blog, Wendy would share her insights and experiences, providing guidance and inspiration to those seeking to achieve their own goals. By focusing on the pursuit of success, Wendy hopes to empower and motivate others to reach their full potential. Currently, transforming blog to podcast! COMING SOON SUMMER 2024.

PS Creative is Wendy's freelance work as an extension of Pursuit Success. She offers brand kit development, and marketing strategy services to aspiring individuals and small businesses. With a focus on creative and effective solutions, PS Creative aims to help clients establish and grow their brands through tailored marketing efforts and visually appealing designs. Whether it's designing a site from scratch or creating a comprehensive marketing plan, PS Creative is committed to delivering high-quality and personalized services to help clients achieve their goals.

Client Portfolio

Personal Manifesto

NYU Stern Professional Responsibility & Leadership

Investor Deal Proposal

NYU Stern Real Estate Entrepreneurship & Development, April 2023


NYU Stern Consumer Insights Course, December 2022

Poggio Al Bosco

NYU Stern Social Media Strategy, May 2022

Shark Tank Project: Lemon

NYU Stern Consumer Behavior, May 2021